Give by yourself the reward of sound fundamentals in 2013

Last year I profiled the Top 10 Poker Training Sites Online, which are subscription-based services. Each of these pay-for-training sites give you a few videos free of charge to allow for prospective customers a preview from the content they feature. I've also written about poker content on YouTube a couple of times (see here and here), research method advocated by tournament professional Alex "AP" Phahurat.
What if you don't desire to spend the money on a subscription-based training site, and you also have no idea best places to look for good training videos on YouTube? Never fear, because there are a few sites that offer poker video lessons totally free whatsoever. (I'll enter into what you could find on YouTube inside a future article.)
This site, sponsored by PokerStars, supplies a 13-chapter series introducing beginners to No Limit Texas Hold'em and progressing to many from the higher concepts and strategies with the game. Each chapter is around a half-hour in length, with example hands from live tournaments and funds games which illustrate the talking points in interesting ways. A few interviews (both on-topic and off-topic) with PokerStars pros are sprinkled in the mix. The series includes:
I've watched the whole series and suggest it for many players, but specifically beginners. The only problem with this great site is that the content is entirely static. EverythingPoker never increases, subtracts from, or changes the information it gives you.
This is another site sponsored by PokerStars. Where EverythingPoker has a single "course" of videos since the basic fundamentals, PokerSchoolOnline has multiple courses including videos, articles, skills assessment tests, blogs, plus a member forum. Just as essential, new material is added often. Videos are separated into game types: cash games, single-table tournaments, and multi-table tournaments. Hold'em, Omaha, and mixed games are common represented here.
Videos are produced in a variety of formats:
In all, 1,008 videos can be found in their catalog. To useful assessment test results and also to view some content, you need to register a merchant account with PokerSchoolOnline over the PokerStars client (click "Poker School" through the PokerStars client menu). Also, some videos may not play for users who haven't earned a prerequisite number of VPP's (VIP Player Points, earned through real money play). Since US players aren't able to play for real money currently, you may well not manage to view all of the content. Even so, you are able to still register and have free usage of around 50% in the catalog.
Live training is just like the videos, in this some are free to all and some are available to folks who suffer from earned a required amount of VPP's. Once you've registered a forex account with PokerSchoolOnline, check out the Live Training Schedule page. Sign up to training event by clicking the corresponding "Add" button. This adds the big event for your training schedule. Shortly before the big event is scheduled to begin (15 minutes, to be precise), an "Open" button appears next to case on the schedule page. Click "Open" to launch the live training window with your browser.
Let's say you don't desire to register with PSO and you also don't worry about participating within the Live Training events. Well, it is possible to still watch an excellent portion with the content through other sites around the web. As with this writing, 118 with the videos can be looked at from your website's PokerSchoolOnline channel. Another 312 videos can be obtained through PokerSchoolOnline's official YouTube channel, PSOOfficial.
If you do not have this site bookmarked in your browser, just click here above and do it now. This site has been in existence for many years and it has end up being the largest repository of poker programming on the internet. It is surely an affiliate for many poker rooms and has a working relationship with many different poker video producers. Want to look at the Aussie Millions, Poker After Dark, High Stakes Poker, or the National Heads-Up Championship? All of those (and dozens more) can be purchased for instant viewing.
Getting returning to poker training, though, this website has a good amount of that also. Not everything is top-quality, and it can be hard to locate what exactly you are considering. Like YouTube, PokerTube allows its registered users to upload videos. So everyone can submit a relevant video for streaming. Nevertheless, in case you follow videos by trusted experts, you will discover loads of knowledge.
As a very long time member of CardRunners, I was elated to identify a few sessions with commentary by Taylor Caby (CardRunners co-founder). The shocking thing was (in the event the timer can be believed) that one was over five hours long and another was over 19 hours! Respectively, it is possible to check them out here and here.
So in addition to searching for video lessons using obvious keywords like training, session, strategy, or school, another approach is to find uploaders who concentrate on poker video tutorials. Here are several I've found after just a couple minutes of searching:
PokerTube also incorporates a forum but it is not that helpful to live players more info mainly because there is little public participation.
This site has all of the features of the full-fledged, pay-subscription training site, minus the subscription fees. Four in years past, they produced just a few videos each year. But inside last twelve months, they've really occur strong, producing 150 videos in 2012. Content spans the total range of games and stakes for both tournaments and funds games. According on the Gripsed Facebook page, this website offers "the only online for free poker coaching show for the web." With the addition of the VIP section tagged as "Coming Soon," you've got to wonder if the content will stay free for for a long time, so make use now.
Gripsed has cross-posted a few of their content on PokerTube and YouTube, if worse involves worst and so they start charging for their content, you are able to hopefully still find a few of their catalog online totally free.
Honorable Mention: Pokerstars.NET The Big Game - Behind the Poker Face
Prior to Black Friday, Pokerstars produced a show called The Big Game. The format would be a six-handed cash game where five professionals would square-off against a novice who qualified using an online tournament. The amateur would be staked $100K to experience, and anything won across the $100K the amateur would keep. Play was tied to 150 hands, and the session could be edited into five 45-minute episodes.
It's an excellent show, but coming from a training standpoint the good thing from the show was after they included a "Behind the Poker Face" segment. They would please take a hand from the show and get the gamers to spell out their thought processes behind the decisions they made inside the hand. It's interesting stuff. What's better yet is always that Pokerstars has collected all with the "Behind the Poker Face" segments into one location on his or her site.
Just keep in mind that a lot of any particular item is specific for the game format and opponents inside hands you're watching. There isn't a direct correlation between what they're doing and exactly what you need be doing in the games you play. Instead, focus on their thought process. What situations are they considering while they make their decisions? What factors get more importance as opposed to runners? If you watch these achievable perspective, they will be both instructional and entertaining.
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